Over processing, hot tools, and even environmental factors can cause damage to your hair. That’s why we are proud to offer L’Oreal Professionnel Série Expert in-salon treatments. They feature high precision formulas to target all areas of the hair strand and provide deep conditioning and shine. Each treatment is professionally formulated to repair, enhance, strengthen, nourish, and protect depending on the needs of your hair. You will experience transformative results with a customized Série Expert Powerdose treatment!

In Salon Treatments   
Pro Fiber Treatment $20 with service | $25 without service
The Pro Fiber in-salon treatment is a revolutionary haircare system to repair all levels of hair damage. After consultation, your stylist will recommend the Pro Fiber range suitable for your hair. During treatment, the hair is strengthened from the inside and resurfaced on the outside for a noticeable soft and silky finish.
Smartbond Treatment $15 with service | $25 without service, no style
Protect your hair with Smartbond, a 2-step bond strengthening service that is mixed into your hair color or lightener. Smartbond will allow you to make a bold hair color choice – from platinum blonde to cherry red—while still maintaining the quality and integrity of your hair. You will leave the salon with hair that feels nourished, smooth to the touch and is full of radiant shine.
Serie Expert Powermix $10 - $35
Serie Expert Powermix is a transformative treatment available for all hair concerns: shine, smoothness, repair, strength or nutrition. After an in-salon consultation, the stylist mixes two liquids that instantly transform into a gel-mask before your eyes. With highly concentrated pure ingredients, your hair will be left hydrated with softness and shine.
Redken Heatcure $20 with service | $25 without service
The Heatcure Professional in-salon service performed by your stylist restores the look and feel of damaged hair as the specialized formula with caring agents penetrates deep through the hair’s cuticle up to the cortex—leading to restorative results that can last up to 10 washes. The unique formula can only be activated when used in conjunction with the specifically designed tool. The care also continues at home with weekly Heatcure at-home Self-Heating Mask that can be self-applied in between services.
Olaplex $15 with service | $25 without service, no style