Hands & Feet

No matter your occupation, we all put our hands and feet through constant wear and tear. It’s no surprise that they require specialized pampering to get them looking and feeling their best. When you schedule a manicure or pedicure with us, we ensure that you will immediately step into a space where you can relax and forget the stresses of the outside world. From there, our highly-trained nail technicians will treat rough skin and cuticles and exact precision to polish your nails to perfection. Treat yourself to the best nail care in Salina with a relaxing nail service from Blondell’s.

Nail Services    
Spa Manicure$25 - $33
Spa Pedicure$47 - $55
Maintenance Pedicure$37 - $45
New Set Acrylic$50 - $58
Acrylic Refill$33 - $41
Aromatherapy Upgrade$7