Tori Hall


“I was walking down the street and something told me to go into the hair school. I applied, was accepted, and then started my journey in cosmetology. I want to call it fate, because it’s become my passion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” said Hair Stylist Tori Hall.

A combination of fate and her natural talent have allowed Tori to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career. Her clients know that the health of their hair is her primary concern, and this is reflected in her customized service and product recommendations. Tori is also known for her versatile hair color services. She believes she’s found success with color, because it gives her the space to work with creativity that knows no bounds. “I love to formulate and deliver colors I can be proud of. Most importantly, I like to create color that the client can admire every time they look in the mirror.”

She takes great inspiration from her fellow stylists and innovators in the industry. She also displays a curiosity for hair that matches her interest in other cultures. Tori’s idea of a perfect vacation would be to travel to Italy, Australia, or any foreign country – one where she can immerse herself into a new atmosphere and learn about a different culture.

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