Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist Stacy brings so much to the Blondell’s team. Her expertise and professionalism certainly serve both her clients and fellow massage therapists. “I’m a massage therapist, because I can help people let go of the stress that life brings. I can also help them live pain free without the use of drugs,” Stacy said.

She specializes in customizing massage treatments to meet your needs, in addition to the myofascial release technique. John F. Barnes, who discovered myofascial release, serves to inspire Stacy and her work. Myofascial release massage can aid in treating chronic pain from your back, neck, and many other areas of the body. Providing this treatment allows Stacy to further her goal in helping clients live without constant pain. Outside of her outstanding work at Blondell’s, Stacy loves to travel to new places with her family by her side.

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