Kirstin Stegman


Who doesn’t love to feel beautiful, special, and unique? Stylist Kirstin Stegman works hard to to make sure you walk out of the salon knowing you are just that. Since childhood, Kirstin has had a passion for hair. Kirstin’s neighbor was a stylist and taught her how to French braid in the first grade, and from that point on she was hooked. “I love what I do! It’s my passion, and the one thing in my life that I’m confident in.”

As one of our color specialists, Kirstin knows how to craft any look and utilizes the latest techniques to deliver stunning shades. From utilizing custom foiling and balayage to create the perfect blonde shade for you, or formulating rich mocha colors and caramel highlights for your fall or winter look, Kirstin can be counted on to bring your vision to life. Our salon environment has fostered her ability to create customized styles for each one of her guests and allows her to share her knowledge as a salon educator.

Of course, our Blondell’s team also serves as her biggest inspiration, and Kirstin loves exchanging ideas with her peers. Outside of the salon, Kirstin loves spending time with her family, preferably on a beach enjoying the sunshine.

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