Katelyn Sullivan


Growing up, Stylist Katelyn Sullivan always longed for a career in cosmetology. She was constantly styling someone’s hair and experimenting with makeup, so needless to say, Katelyn began practicing for her successful turn as a stylist from a young age. Katelyn serves as the go-to beauty expert for her clients, because she has the ability to keep finger on the pulse of the latest trends but also knows how to deliver classic looks that are always in style. She enjoys selecting products specifically for the needs of her clients and educating them on the many benefits of her favorite must have product: dry shampoo. She believes that is takes the burden off of washing your hair daily, and stops color from fading as quickly.

She also specializes in customizing tousled, textured looks for all hair types, no matter if your hair is long, short, thick, or fine. Katelyn looks to the versatile work of Paul Mitchell when searching for guidance and looks to mirror the way in which he transformed the art of hair dressing with a creative eye and use of exceptional talent. When not spending time learning new styles and techniques, Katelyn enjoy spending time at the lake or river with her family.

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