Jessica Lampe

Massage Therapist

“I believe massage should be viewed as a necessity, rather than a luxury.” This mindset has led certified massage therapist Jessica Lampe to dedicate her career to helping heal her clients one session at a time. With most of her family working in hospitals, Jess has a unique insight into the many struggles people face with their health and wellness. After years of witnessing their frustrations, Jess believed there could be a better way. Studying massage therapy and mastering a variety of techniques allows her to address many client concerns, which affords them more time spent in good health and less time spent at a doctor’s office.

Jess specializes in relaxation massage, deep tissue, and the innovative Bellanina Facelift massage, among other modalities. Jess also loves to incorporate and educate her clients on the benefits of aromatherapy oils and Bellanina products. Seeing firsthand the trans-formative powers of massage, when not easing the stress of her clients, Jess seeks out massage for herself. She also les to take advantage of any opportunity to spend time at the beach.

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